A CLAVE FEST @ The Crouch End Festival

Hornsey Town Hall and various venues in Crouch End, London N8
Event Date: 
Saturday, June 18, 2016 - 10:00
Hornsey Town Hall, Crouch End Broadway, London N8 9JJ
Saturday 18th June, a day packed with FREE Latin music, dance, film, art, theatre, sport, food and drink, as part of the UK’s biggest community arts festival. The central venue is Hornsey Town Hall, inside and with stage outside, plus many other events in local cafes, cinemas, art galleries and theatres. Join us in N8, just a hop from Finsbury Park, Highgate of Turnpike Lane stations, from 10am till late!

MAIN STAGE, OUTSIDE HORNSEY TOWN HALL, from 10am till 10pm (check links for exact times)


HEADLINE ACT: LUIGI TEXIDOR, special guest and Puerto Rican Salsa legend

One of the best Soneros (improvisers) in the Salsa game, Luigi Texidor has been the lead vocalist of Puerto Rico’s legendary band La Sonora Ponceña  and the Bobby Valentin Orchestra as well as being part of the seminal Fania All Stars. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/luigi-texidor-special-international-g...

Gerardo de Armas & Sus Amigos - Afro Cuban

Cuban born Gerardo is a great vocalist and percussionist who brings his “rumba” crew of the UK most skilled Afrocuban drummers. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/gerardo-de-armas-sus-amigos

La ExplosiónFlamenco

A New-Flamenco collective, fusing the very best songs of Latin Culture with Rumba Flamenco. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/la-explosión

Mike Kalle and La Raza CollectiveLatin Hip Hop

Winner of the LUKAS Award 2015 for Urban Act, Mike Kalle is the UK’s beats Latin rapper the leading light of the young creative latino community. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/mike-kalle-and-la-raza-collective


Based in Morro de São Paulo, Bahia, Brazil , TRIBO is an international non-profit cross-cultural drumming and dance music project. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/tribo-samba-drumming

Purple Dads - Rock

Nine-year-old singer-songwriter and multi- instrumentalist Naira Dunton-Vera, daughter of acclaimed Bolivian classical pianist Ana Maria Vera, leads a band of Year 5 Latino-British talent. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/purple-dads-la-clave-fest

Maria Jose - Folk/Pop

Another example of budding Latin talent in London, 16-year-old singer song writer Maria Jose Hayaux du Tilly S., 16, recently won Battle of the Bands competition, making her the first Mexican to perform at the Isle of Whyte Festival’s Hey Joe tent . She follows her festival debut with La Clave Fest. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/maria-jose


Dancemyway Samba Kids – Samba

This term award wnning samba teacher Monika Molnar has been teaching children how to dance Samba. The budding Dancemyway Samba stars will perform onstage http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/dancemyway-samba-kids

Dance of the MorenosBolivian traditional

Bolivia’s most spectacular dance, the dance of the Morenos or Morenada is from in the Bolivian Altiplano (high Andes), where some participants disguise as black people, it also mocks white men (Spanish conquerors) who are depicted leading imported African slaves usually wearing a mask with exaggerated facial features. The parade will start at Hornsey library and move to outside Hornsey Town Hall. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/dance-morenos-parade-and-performance


DJ Fernando KBSon - Salsa

Three times LUKAS winner for Tripcal DJ of the Year, Fernando is THE DJ of choice for London’s plethora of Salsa clubs. One of London’s salsa music pioneers and its most loved Latino DJs , he has been the resident DJs in London’s most iconic salsa nights, delivering tunes to his salsa church goers every week for almost two decades.

DJ Saul MayaCrossover

Hailing from Ecuador this LUKAS Award winning DJ is one of the Latin Communities most popular Latin DJs.

DJ Deoh - Crossover

Deoh is one of the most versatile DJs in London and one of the pioneers of the urban Latin scene.

DJ Javier La Rosa - Cuban

The number one Cuban DJ in the UK, Javier is the man when it comes to all genres coming from the Island. A people's favorite!



Morning Zumba with Belkys Ledezma 

Crouch End’s very own Venezuelan Amazon and favourite Zumba teacher gets Crouch end into the Latin spirit with a morning Zumba class for all the family. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/morning-zumba-belkys-ledezma

Castellers – A Catalan Human Tower

Castellers of London, a group of Catalans, English and other dare-devils bringing this centuries-old tradition to London, will be competing with Castellers of Paris. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/castellers-london

Mexican Wrestlers on the Loose - Performance

Be on your best behavour, folks! Lucha Britannia is sending some of its most feared warriors to show Londoners how to wrestle the Mexican way.



ART INTERVENTION: Spinning Crouch End Dreams

Hilanda, a spatial private detective, invites passers by to write a dream on the tape, forming a chain of dreams. The chain is removed on the afternoon of June 18th, resulting in a small sculpture memory. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/spinning-memories

FUTSAL: Crouch End Copa America

In celebration of the centenary of the Copa America (the Latin American Euros), an inter-school Futsal Copa America will be run inside the Hornsey Town Hall. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/crouch-end-copa-america-kids-futsal-tournament

KIDS Camilo Menjura’s Spanish Sing-a-long

A fun and friendly Spanish singing with award-winning Colombian singer, guitarist and choir master. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/camilo-menjura%E2%80%99s-spanish-sing...

LITERATURE: Fiona Macintosh presents ‘Rosa of the Wild Grass’

Rosa of the Wild Grass chronicles the real-life stories of a poor Nicaraguan family over a turbulent half-century. Fiona Macintosh presents her critically acclaimed book. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/fiona-macintosh-presents-rosa-wild-grass

DANCE WORKSHOP: Fadi’s Salsa Workshop

Fadi is the founder of the FK dance company and the artistic director for LA RUEDA DEL MUNDO SCHOOL. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/fadis-salsa-workshop-la-clave-fest

DANCE WORKSHOP: Cali Salsa Academy Free lesson https://www.facebook.com/events/859922984152597/?ti=icl

LECTURE: Being Latin in London

Patria Roman from Latin Elephant  talks about the plight of Latinos in London's regeneration process http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/being-latin-london

LECTURE: Latin America in Focus

Organized by The Latin American Bureau, a series of lectures on Latin American politics and society by experts. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/latin-america-focus

MUSIC: Alex Etchart's Latin American Song Book

Activist composer Alex Etchart sings songs from the seventies Latin American protest era http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/alex-etcharts-latin-song-book

CLUBBING: Latinolife After party

For those who don't want the party to stop N-Rich aka DJ Lionheart & guests play kaleidoscopic music from the future and the past. From 10pm onwards.http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/la-clave-fest-after-party




Gabo - The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez - FILM and Q&A

The story about the incredible power of human imagination, which follows the interwoven threads of Gabriel García Márquez’s life and work. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/gabo-creation-gabriel-garcia-marquez

Gilles Peterson presents Havana Rumba Sessions - FILM + Q&A

The latest chapter in the longstanding relationship between Gilles Peterson and the music of Cuba, this feature-length documentary sees him explore the roots of rumba. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/gilles-peterson-presents-havana-rumba...

Passinho Dance Off

Captivating Brazilian documentary about the dance craze known as 'passinho' that swept across Rio de Janeiro. It follows the key performers in the run up to a city-wide dance battle to crown the king of passinho. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/batalha-do-passinho-passinho-dance

Made in Mexico

Documentary showcasing the richness of Mexican music, from traditional music to pop rock and rap blended with interviews from Diego Luna, Lila Downs. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/made-mexico


LECTURES  - Colombia in Focus

‘How we achieved peace in Colombia’ by Kristian Herbolzeimer, one of the advisors in the Colombian Peace Process 

35 ACCOMPANYING HOPE Ann Wright talks about the role of Peace Brigades International in achieving Peace in Colombia



Piñata making Learn how to make your own piñatas with papelcrafter http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/pi%C3%B1ata-makiing

La Pajara Pinta Interactive Spanish Sing-a-long http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/la-pajara-pinta-spanish-sing-long


EXHIBITION of Latin American Artists @ Jealous

Silvina Soria, Argentine Sculpture .http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/silvina-soria-jealous-gallery
Sonia Ciruelo mixed media artist from Barcelona. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/sonia-ciruelo-jealous-gallery

Alex Vargas is a Chilean Born artist http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/alex-vargas-jealous-gallery


Julio Etchart: A Visual Journey of Latins in London

Acclaimed Uruguayan photo-journalist gives a visual portrait of 3 generations of Latin Londoners


Alejandro Gortazar: Las Parrandas de Remedios

LUKAS Award winning Cuban photographer captures the annual celebrations in the small Cuban town of San Juan de los Remedios.



Maria Cabrera - Colombian pottery http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/maria-cabrera-ceramics


Leila Segal presents Breathe

Leila Segal reads from her debut book of Cuban short stories ‘Breathe’, accompanied by the extraordinary Classical guitar virtuoso Ahmed Dickenson http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/leila-segal-presents-breathe-stories-cuba

Leonardo Boix presents Mar de Noche

Argentinian journalist, writer and poet, whose work explores the philosophical issues around identity, nationhood, memory, being an immigrant and homeland. presents his second book of poems.http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/leonardo-boix-la-clave-fest

Alejandro Madrigal presents Days of Rage.

Fresh out of medical school, a young doctor goes to work in Coyoxitlepec, a small, forgotten, town in the middle of nowhere, to practice medicine with the best of intentions to make a difference to the community. He will find a town overwhelmed by violence and corruption, where the community uses fantasy, indifference and tolerance as their only way of surviving. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/alejandro-madrigal-presents-days-rage



Revolutionary, proto-feminist, underground spy and the beating heart of South American liberation, Manuela Saenz died in poverty, all but forgotten by the history books – until now. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2545424


Ahmed Dickinson

Classical guitar virtuoso, hailing from Cuba, accompanies author Leila Segal as she reads from Breathe, a book of short stories set in Cuba http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/ahmed-dickinson

Luiz de Almeida Brazilian Jazz Quartet

One of London’s longest established Brazilian guitarists, Luiz has formed many Brazilian Jazz bands. Here is brings his latest formation – a Brazilian Jazz Quartet http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/luiz-de-almeida-jazz-quartet

The Shamans @ The Maynard

A London based Cumbia psychedelic rock band, led by Peruvian Jules Andrade on vocals and guitar, influenced by the chicha movement from Peru and fusing the energy and attitude of rock and roll with the upbeat energetic groove of the Amazon. http://www.latinolife.co.uk/events/tha-shamans


  • From Finsbury Park station take W7
  • From Archway station take 41
  • From Highgate Station, walk down Shepherds Hill
  • From Turnpike Lane station take 91
  • or 91 from central London