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Corina J Poore marvels at an enchanting documentary about the Puerto Rican born fashion illustrator whose work in top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and The New York Times who was so well known and distinctive he signed his work simply as Antonio.
Corina Poore revels in the wonderful short films at this year's LGBTQ Film Festival in London, including Ursinho, set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and The mexican The Swan 2016 (El Cisne) set in Mexico, and directed by Daniel Chávez Ontiveros. Elena (2017) form the Dominican director Ayerim Villanueva.
A beautiful film that illustrates how a little slice of extraordinary life can survive in a dark, fairytale environment.
Last week's Oscar winner for Foreign Language FIlm, this deeply moving film about love, sorrow and the resilience of the human spirit, will have you feeling like rushing into the film to help.
Guillermo del Toro’s stunning and superbly crafted fairy-tale fantasy is brimming with imagination, profound empathy and a deep and powerful sensuality.
A gorgeously animated 3D musical fantasy, based on an original idea of Lee Unkrich, and directed by him, ‘Coco’ is up there with the best of Pixar Animation Studios, and in the process manages to shed Hollywood’s tired old stereotypes about Mexico and Mexicans.
GUN SHY is a good natured, clever adventure caper with lots of fun and gags and Antonio Banderas as you have never seen him before!
Already picked to represent Brazil at the Oscars, this tear-jerking, heart-warming, inventive and adventurous movie is a delightfully politically-incorrect breath of fresh air, says Corina Poore
Jorge de Juan directs a stunning new version of the intense and powerful play by Federico Garcia Lorca (1898- 1936), one of the greatest Spanish writers of the 20th century. A musician, a poet and a playwright Lorca died young but left an extraordinary body of work that is still relevant today. Presented in English and Spanish with some of the cast replaying their roles in both languages, the austere and repressed atmosphere is reflected in the prison- like set designed by Ángel Haro.
Celebrating the centenary of Nascimento, the legendary Chilean publishing house